Beacon Hill Institute Exposed

David Tuerck's questionable relationships are effecting Suffolk University's reputation.

What partnerships is David Tureck forging?

What is going on at the Beacon Hill Institute? What is this “research” institute doing with “clients,” particularly the kinds of “clients” they seem to favor? These “clients” provide funding for the some of the Institute’s research projects and reports. You might think that, since the Institute is part of Suffolk University, it engages in independent scholarly research. But just how “independent” can this research be when at least some of the research is directly funded by such self-interested “clients?” Is the Institute just serving as a mouthpiece, with the veneer of scholarly independence and legitimacy, for the interests of some of its “clients?” Consider that the Beacon Hill Institute boasts about the “research it does for “clients”

  • who have taken stances against a women’s right to choose and support policy initiatives and lobbying efforts against abortion?
  • who have admitted criminal wrongdoing or been found guilty in creating fraudulent tax shelters, conspiracy, evading taxes, making false statements to the IRS, obstructing the IRS to help wealthy clients dodge billions in taxes?
  • who have funded the opposition against Cape Wind?
  • who advocate for the drilling of oil in our National Parks, in our coastal waters, even on the mainland?
  • who support the teaching of Intelligent Design in the face of hundreds of years of scientific evidence supporting Darwin’s theory of Evolution, in essence to bring religion into our school’s science curriculums.
  • who make huge profits from the sale and use of tobacco products like cigarettes, products that kill close to a half a million people each and every year?
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